Tips for Great Video Visits

Video visits through Hale can be a simple and seamless way to connect with your patients anytime, anywhere. While network connectivity and device details can sometimes interfere with your video sessions, following these tips can ensure you and your patients have a smooth experience every time.




Use a preferred browser.

While Hale video visits will work in most modern browsers with the exception of Safari, it is strongly recommended that you use Chrome when conducting live visits. To ensure the best experience get the latest version of Chrome here.

Make sure you have a good internet connection.

Quality video and audio sessions depend on a stable connection to the internet. Check to see that you have a good connection, are in range of your WiFi router and close other programs on your computer that may be using a lot of bandwidth or processing power.

Encourage your patients to connect via WiFi.

Similarly, your patient’s internet connection is just as important to a great visit experience. While patients can use their smartphones to connect through the Hale Health app, WiFi connections will oftentimes be faster and more reliable than cellular data – and will not cause patients to incur any data charges. Suggest patients make sure their device is connected to WiFi when conducting a visit.

Take control of your environment.

Ensure you present a clean, professional appearance that makes it easy for your patient to focus on you and the content of the visit. Conduct your sessions from a quiet, tidy and well-lit room – far away from any potential distractions. Avoid excessive movement that can draw away from the conversation, speak clearly and remember: make ‘eye contact’ by looking directly into the camera.

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