Internal Messages

Internal messages allow you to send notes and messages on any patient case directly to your team members. Recipients will be notified that you’ve sent them a message, and all team members can view internal messages in the patient’s case – but they will not be displayed to the patients themselves.

Use internal messages to:

  • Work together to deliver remote care by streamlining internal communication.
  • Only notify the team members you want to include to facilitate delegation.
  • Discuss cases, assign tasks — or simply leave an internal note.


Sending an Internal Message

To send an internal message, open the message composer from any patient case and click “Internal” at the top to switch from patient to internal messaging. You can then select which team members you’d like to notify of the message — or choose ‘Select All’ to notify everyone on the team.

Listed recipients will receive a notification letting them know you’ve added a message to the case. (And read receipts ensure you know who has – and who hasn’t – had the opportunity to review your message.)

To see a list of your unread internal messages, simply click the team icon in the top-right corner of your dashboard.

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