Why are my appointments not syncing to Hale?

Hale supports integrated video visit scheduling with a number of EHRs and practice management systems. This allows clinical teams to maintain their current scheduling workflows — seamlessly syncing appointments to the schedule in Hale, importing associated patient records and automatically notifying patients of the scheduled visits.

But if something is not right in the various settings supporting this workflow — team, provider or patient configurations — appointments may not flow from one system to the other as expected. If that's the case, there are a few items to walk through in order to troubleshoot:


1. Is your integration live?

First and foremost, is the integration between Hale and your scheduling system live? After you initiate an integration, additional steps need to be taken to authorize and configure it for your use. If you have not received an email letting you that the integration is live, you'll need to wait to use the integrated functionality. Know that the Hale team is working quickly with your EHR partner to activate this for you — so watch your email and reach out with any questions you have in the interim.


2. Is the provider's account linked to your integration?

While your integration is set up for your entire team, individual users need to be mapped to their accounts in the EHR to facilitate scheduling. Our integrations team will map all existing users during initial integration configuration — but if you add more team members afterwards, we'll need to configure their accounts individually to ensure integrated features work seamlessly for them.

If you received a sync error email showing No Connected Provider Account, you can assume this provider configuration is causing the trouble. Simply reach out when adding a new, integrated user and we'll quickly get them set up to be able to use integrated features.

If your team already has a live integration, please fill out this form to request provider mapping.


3. Is the patient's account linked to their EHR record?

To support integrated functionality, Hale maps patients accounts to their respective records in your EHR. This link allows for integrated scheduling as well as other features such as case export — and is automatically set up when a patient is added through integrated scheduling or import via the EHR search in the Add Patients screen.

However, if a patient is added manually to Hale and not through the integration, integrated functionality will not be supported. In particular, integrated scheduling may fail as the system will avoid creating a duplicate patient record. If you received a sync error email showing No Connected Patient Account it is likely the patient needs to be mapped to their record in the EHR.


4. Are you using the correct appointment type?

To support integrated scheduling, your integration is configured to look for specific appointment types to sync to your schedule in Hale. During initial integration configuration a default video visit appointment type is created and configured – Hale Video Visit. You may use this to schedule appointments with any provider that is active in Hale and integrated with their schedule.
If you modify this appointment type or add others you would like to sync to Hale, you'll need to alert the Hale Health team so that we can update your integration configuration to look for these new appointment types.
If you need help navigating any of the above issues to ensure your appointments sync to Hale as expected, please reach out to our integrations team for assistance.
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