Direct Scheduling in Hale

Video visits can be scheduled directly in Hale. While these appointments will not be synced to your integrated EHR or practice management system, this workflow can be helpful for initiating quick immediate video sessions that may not need to be charted in the EHR.

Scheduling a Video Visit

  • Click the camera icon in the upper righthand corner of the dashboard.
  • Click New Visit, then find the desired patient on the list or search for them by name.
  • Fill out the appointment details: date, time, duration and scheduled provider.
  • Click “Schedule Visit”

The visit will be scheduled and the patient will receive a notification through the app, as well as an email confirmation of the appointment.



Visits can also be scheduled directly when viewing any patient case – simply click the video icon in the upper-righthand corner to open the scheduling tool and complete the steps as above.

Rescheduling or Canceling a Video Visit

To reschedule or cancel a scheduled appointment, simply open the Video Visit tray and click the edit icon on the appointment. You can then edit the visit details and click “Save Updates” or delete the appointment by clicking the trashcan icon. Note that you cannot edit or cancel an appointment within 15 minutes of its start time.

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