I've initiated an integration with my EHR — what next?

Once you've initiated an integration with Hale, our team will work with your EHR or practice management vendor to authorize data sharing between our systems. How long this takes depends on the specific partner, but for turnkey integrations (e.g. athenahealth, Allscripts, Elation Health) this is usually is complete within 1–2 business days.

After receiving authorization, the Hale Health team will work to quickly activate and configure your individual integration. This process includes:

  • activating the connection between your EHR instance and the Hale platform,
  • creating dedicated appointment types in the EHR to be used for integrated scheduling, and
  • mapping individual providers to their schedules in the EHR.

When this process is complete, admins on your clinical team will receive an automated message confirming the integration is live.

At that point, you can begin using integrated functionality to schedule live video visits or import patients individually by searching your EHR from the 'Add Patients' screen in settings.

Note: while we do not import full patient lists into Hale by default, integrated scheduling will work as expected and import patients individually as they are scheduled in your EHR. If there is a need to import and invite a broad set of your patients, the Hale team is happy to support you in doing so — simply reach out to discuss options.

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