How can I allow access to my camera and microphone?

No matter how you join a live video visit on the platform, you'll need to ensure you have granted access to your camera and microphone so your video feed can be sent to the visit. Unless you have privacy settings enabled or have already denied access to your camera, you should be prompted to enable camera and microphone access upon joining a video visit for the first time.

If you are having trouble enabling access – first try refreshing the session or re-opening the app to see if this helps or once again prompts you for access.

If you still cannot connect and share your audio/video, follow the detailed steps for your browser or operating system below to check that all settings are correct before trying to join the session again.


If You Are Using a Browser

Chrome – Desktop or Mobile

Safari – Desktop or Mobile

Firefox – Desktop or Mobile

Edge – Desktop or Mobile


If You Are Using the App

On iOS

On Android


Notes For Specific Operating Systems or Devices

Windows 10


Surface Pro

Samsung Mobile

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