Patient Account Setup (Smartphone)

In order to use the Hale Health application, you'll need to get your account created and verified before you can log in and start attending video appointments.

If you'd prefer to watch a video on how to do this, please do so here:

The following instructions cover the same material in the video and will walk you through setting up your account and activating from a smartphone app:

Launch the Hale app and tap Get Started:


Enter your First Name, Last Name, Birthdate, and Last 4 of your SSN, and tap Next:


It’s important to note that the information patients provide must match their record exactly, nicknames may sometimes cause trouble. Please contact your clinic directly to confirm how your first and last names are reflected in your patient record.

Verify your identity with an access code:


If you're not receiving the access code via text when selecting your phone number, please contact your clinic directly to obtain an access code over the phone. You can then select "I already have an access code" and continue the registration process.

Enter your code and tap Next:


Specify your email address and password for the account, tap Next:


You've completed the registration and activation process.





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